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  • Is Graduate School Right For Me?
  • Submitted by Joe Wilson on 2009-12-22
  • Is Graduate School Right For Me?

    Pursuing an advanced degree is an extensive commitment in terms of time (5-7 years if you go for the Ph.D.), money and hard work. Graduate school is not a plan; it is a step in the plan. Deciding on your plan means examining where you want to be in the long run, both professionally and personally.

    Does a graduate program meet your Career Goals?
    • Have clear defined Career Goals before you pursue a graduate program
    • Talk with people in your field and ask about pros/cons or having an advanced degree
    • If unclear of your Career Goals, take some time off before you apply

    Will attending graduate school increase my income level?
    • If money is your motivation you probably won’t be a successful student
    • Being a graduate student doesn’t pay very much so consider your options
    • After completion of your program, Master’s degree level make approximately $10,000 - $15,000 more per year than individuals with a Bachelor’s degree
    • Individuals with a Ph.D. make approximately $15,000 - $20,000 more per year than people with a Bachelor’s degree

    Will a graduate program make you more marketable?
    • For some career changers it might make the most sense to purse a graduate degree to meet their career goals
    • Can you meet this career change with a second bachelors or certification program?

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