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  • Surviving the Graduate School
  • Submitted by Peter on 2010-01-07
  • Surviving the Graduate School
    By Staff Writer

    Graduate school is the business aspect of education. These institutions are populated by brilliant young people who are serious about gaining new knowledge and producing fresh insights for mankind. So, the standards are naturally higher. A majority of the students initially struggle to cope with the demands of the curriculum and academic environment of graduate schools. Here are a few tips that can help you navigate through the academic waters of graduate schools.

    Kick Start The Self-starter In You

    You are expected to be a self-starter who is responsible and serious about studies. There will be no ‘spoon feeding’ or hand guiding. So, one has to take special care about assignments and submit those on time. One is not supposed to make those typical teenager excuses like "I was not aware" or "I was not informed". Also, one has to take initiatives in doing things. You should not expect the teachers and professors to remind you always about the projects and other academic activities.

    Read, Read, And Read

    The teaching procedure of graduate schools – or learning procedure, to be exact – varies significantly from that of junior classes. The lecture classes will be there initially. But gradually, other forms of knowledge assimilation such as seminars, symposium, and experiments take over. This is more of a student-centric process rather than a teacher-centric process. So, the student needs to learn things by one's own by reading books, journals, and websites.

    Manage Time Effectively

    But do not get the impression that graduate school is filled with bookworms who eat scholarly journals for breakfast. One can find plenty of entertainment aspects, part-time work opportunities, and options for extra-curricular activities. The main thing is that one has to dedicate a certain amount of time for academic activities on a daily basis. Otherwise, the purpose of joining a graduate school is defeated.
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